Movie Day

I love going to the movies!  I’m absolutely enamored with the whole experience of the theater, the big screen, the great sound, and the buttery popcorn.  In between my most recent long-term relationship and the previous one, I spent a year as a single guy.  I mean, I dated a bit, but nothing serious at all.  It wasn’t because I couldn’t find anyone, but it was because I needed to find me.  At first it was awkward going to a restaurant or the movies alone, but then I started to enjoy myself.  I learned to enjoy spending time with me and I found that I kind of like myself.  Not in a narcissistic way, but in a healthy way.  People always say that you can’t love someone else until you love yourself.  Plenty of self-love went on during that time, but I learned to love myself as a person too.  I also had time to get inside my own head and really analyze what I wanted and needed in a partner.

Now I’m single again and I’m going to the movies today.  I’m not just going to see a movie.  I’m not even going to see just two movies.  I’m going to check out three films back-to-back-to-back.  Because I want to!  Because I don’t have to worry about anyone else today, just me.  My plan is to see Bad Grandpa at 1:45pm, Captain Phillips at 4pm, and Carrie at 7:30pm.  My local theater has a deal on Sundays and Tuesdays and movies are just $5, so it’s kind of like a three for the price of two deal for me today.  Large popcorn and large Coke Zero?  Yes, please.  Fucks given…none.


2 thoughts on “Movie Day

  1. Ha, I have this debate with my one co-worker all the time. I always feel bad for the people sitting alone in the movie’s or in a restaurant. I think I write a subtext in my mind as to why they’re there alone and always want to go sit with them to listen to their story. He likes to tell me I’m out of my mind, which is usually spot on :0)

    I never really stopped to think about it from this perspective. I’ve always had only child syndrome, so I enjoy private time all too well.

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