Ruby Woo

I am an outright sucker for modern pinup girls.  I can’t think of any style I love more than rockabilly.  Girls with circle dresses, Bettie Page bangs, and bright red lipstick drive me wild.  The look, the music, the entire culture evokes thoughts of a simpler, less complicated time in America.  Rocking the pinup look makes any girl look better.  Just take a look at the picture below to see what I mean.

Pinup before and after

Pinup before and after

Most people in the rockabilly community idolize Bettie Page.  The girls adopt her bangs (commonly referred to as Bettie bangs) and her style.  There’s a clothing company with a chain of stores called Bettie Page Clothing.  A lot of their dresses are modeled on designs that Bettie wore in photo shoots.  Bettie Page was the queen of fetish modeling that was based heavily in bondage and spanking both in still photos and videos in the 1950’s.  Oddly enough, I think most of the people in the rockabilly community would look down on someone like me that is into the things Bettie portrayed.  For them, bondage is a kitschy role-play for photographing, not a lifestyle to be lived day in and day out.


Bettie Page

Back in the 50’s, people that wanted to view BDSM photos had to really watch their backs.  They could actually be arrested on obscenity charges.  Considering that, society has come a long way towards acceptance of our lifestyle, but there is still a long road ahead.

Damnit, I got off track.  So yeah, rockabilly girls drive me wild!  Go buy a nice dress, pick up some high heels (but no open toes, I hate open toed shoes), cut in some Bettie bangs, throw your hair up in victory rolls, and hit the MAC makeup counter and ask for Ruby Woo lipstick.  The way to my heart is through my stomach, but the way to my penis is by looking like a pinup!


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