Mind Reading

Think of a number between 1 and 100.  Got it?  Ok, now I’m going to tell you the number you have in your head…the number is…I don’t fucking know because I’m not a goddamn mind reader!

Submissive types tend to place the dominants who are important to them up on a pedestal of sorts.  It’s a natural human behavior to elevate someone that has authority over you and who you respect and/or admire.  The problem, however, is that sometimes the dominant is given superhuman powers in the mind of the submissive.  I hate to shatter the illusion, but we dominants are fallible and we can’t read minds.  That means that we sometimes make mistakes and it also means that you can’t expect us to know what you’re thinking unless you tell us.  There are ways to let us know what’s on your mind that are appropriate and respectful, of course.  Depending on your protocol, you can ask to speak freely or even have a daily journal.  It’s agreed that my slave can write in a journal and it’s a safe place for her to express herself.  I’ll read the journal and then reflect on the things she’s written about.  If something warrants a discussion, then we talk about it.  Sometimes I even read things that make me want to change MY behavior and I make the changes accordingly.

It’s a battle for the ages between men and women.  Women get frustrated because men don’t “get” hints or signs.  If a tactic hasn’t worked in the past and isn’t working now, then you should consider changing tactics.  Why would you get frustrated when the results are the same time and time again?  It’s like being frustrated that the sun woke you up by shining through the lace curtains in your window today.  It always has and it always will.  If you want to sleep longer, then change your fucking curtains.  Lace curtains are for old ladies anyway.  Change your tactics by getting a black out curtain and you will get different results.  The same goes for mixed signals.  If I’m getting told to go north and then told to go south, that’s going to result in going absolutely nowhere.  If a girl acts like she’s interested in pursuing a relationship and then says that she doesn’t particularly want to be in a relationship, nothing can come out of that except frustration for all parties involved.

Being forthcoming has served me well in life.  In China, instead of going where all the other tourists go to see the Great Wall of China, my companions and I asked a farmer if he’d show us the Great Wall away from the hustle and bustle of Beijing.  What’s the worst that could happen?  He’d say no.  But he said yes.  We spent five hours hiking on the Great Wall of China, hacking through brush as we went.  Then we spent the night in an old guard tower on top of the wall and woke up in the morning to see the sun rise.  That’s an experience that no other westerner gets to have.  All because we didn’t hem and haw, hint, or give signs.  We simply asked.

Our fearless farmer guiding us on top of the Great Wall of China.

Our fearless farmer guiding us on top of the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

My bed in a guard tower on top of the Great Wall of China.

My bed in a guard tower on top of the Great Wall of China.

I don’t have the time or the inclination to suffer with nonsense in my life.  If I want to have sex with a girl, I ask.  She might say no, but then again, I might just get laid.  If you want something from me, just ask.  I might say no, but then again, I might say yes.  If you want to submit to me, then ask.  I might say no, I might say wait, and I might say yes.  What I won’t do is “get” your hints, innuendo, or mixed signals and I certainly won’t reach out and grab for your submission.  Submission is a gift that must first be offered before it can be received.


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