From Where I Sit

I was sitting in a restaurant booth the other day and I was observing couples as they sat down.  Some people (I’ll call them the intelligent, logical, sane ones) sat across from each other in the booth.  Other people (whom I will call the kooky weirdos) sat next to each other in the booth.  I’ve never understood the thought process of sitting next to the person you’re with and leaving one side of the booth unattended.  Personally, I like to look at a person when I’m talking to them and sitting next to someone doesn’t really facilitate any conversation at all.  I like occasional physical contact as much as the next guy, but are you really so co-dependent that you can’t go an entire meal without literally being attached at the hip?  Granted, you can’t pull off the slick move illustrated below if you’re across a table, but I also don’t date bitches like Tramp did.  Maybe all the guys that sit next to their girls in booths are getting handjobs under the table and I’m just missing out on the fun.

Lady and Tramp spaghetti


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