Implied Consent

In the BDSM community we talk about consent a lot.  Consent is important for obvious reasons and I would never directly play with someone without their express consent.  It’s clearly not ok to just walk up to a girl and grab her by the hair and start spanking her without her consent.  I do, however, enjoy indirectly playing with people without their express consent.  I like to call it “implied consent”.

If you choose to look at my pictures on FetLife or watch my scene in person, then your choice of doing so is equal to implied consent.  If you’ve made the choice to be a voyeur in my space, then you should be prepared to be indirectly played with.  I’m a sadist and I love making people feel uncomfortable; it’s what I do.

My slave doesn’t have a fear of the dentist or a love for it, but I enjoy dental play.  Why?  Because it makes the people who are watching the scene uncomfortable.  I know that a lot of people have anxiety about going to the dentist, so I play on that.  One time at a dungeon, I set up my scene area with a bunch of dental tools.  I sat my slave down and inspected her mouth.  A few well-placed pokes brought forth some blood and I made sure the instrument was coated with it.  When I pulled the instrument out of her mouth, I could hear people stirring at the sight of the bloody tool.  I then put a dental dam in her mouth and proceeded to make some slightly exaggerated moves in her mouth.  When I withdrew the instrument with a tooth in its grip, people gasped.  One girl even yelled, “Oh hell no!” and ran out of the room.  Mission accomplished!  Thanks for playing; see you next time.  I was actually playing with that girl without her realizing it.  The truth of the matter is that my slave had a dentist appointment in two days to have a permanent crown put on.  What I yanked out of her mouth was just the temporary crown.  It’s all about perception.

The dental instruments. This should be fun...for me.

The dental instruments. This should be fun…for me.

My slave's mouth with dental dam installed.

My slave’s mouth with dental dam installed.

Many events have pins made.  They’re little metal and enamel do-hickeys that are about an inch wide.  On the back they have one or two pins so they can be poked onto a lapel, hat, leather vest, etc.  There’s an event we are involved with and the proverbial pin was made.  I took a photo of said pin (seen below) and enjoyed the responses it elicited from people.  Some were positive, some were negative and focused on danger, infection, or other perceived issues.

The pin (event name removed).

The pin (event name removed).

The reality is that I clipped the little spikes off the back, dripped some fake blood on her ass, set the pin there, and made photo magic.  The only PhotoShopping made to the pic above was for this blog.  I removed the name of the event.  To those people that were poking around my FetLife: Again, thanks for playing; see you next time.  There’s nothing non-consensual about it.  You came into my space, therefore you gave implied consent to join in.  Some of you may not agree with me.  That’s ok, maybe I’m just playing with you or maybe not.


7 thoughts on “Implied Consent

  1. I get it.
    My Master likes to make people uncomfortable too (especially people who seem to be up for anything), courtesy that, I love to do it. Sometimes we sit and scheme and plan together to engage unwitting participants in our amorous activities.
    In a slightly different manner than you do.

    Also, the dental play- Hot.

  2. You are mindfucking the onlookers. Mindfucks are edge play.

    Fcuk wtih the Mnid: Canghnig Rlaeity Torhugh Haed Gemas

    And the onlookers have consented to watch you based on completely different expectations.

    Consent Alone Is Not Enough

    They did not imply consent to mindfucks. You may end up causing trauma to someone who had believed that nobody would cause the kind of physical damage you are simulating. Are you prepared to make them unable to play for the rest of the night and give them nightmares afterwards? You might not be so easily traumatised, but I can promise you from personal experience that someone else probably is. Not just possibly, probably.

    Do you warn the onlookers? Do you debrief them? Did you find the girl who ran screaming from the room and explain to her? If you don’t do those things, you are engaging in edge play without implied consent.

    I know you think it’s okay because you’re just doing something that you might do in vanilla life. But people’s expectations in BDSM are different. We make ourselves more vulnerable and you should hold yourself to correspondingly higher standards.

    • If they don’t like what they see, then they can look away. I don’t go crying about being traumatized when I see a dude fisting another guy’s asshole in the dungeon. If I don’t want to see it, then I simply walk away. It’s easy. Quit being such a politically correct pussy and man up.

    • Usually, almost always, there are stated boundaries when in dungeon environments and sometimes websites. Typical examples are “no blood”, “no cutting” or “no scat”. If it isn’t breaking one of those boundaries, rules if you will, then there is consent. The problem with sadisticdom’s situation is if his dental display were conducted where “no blood” was a stated boundary for the venue, whomever was in charge might object. It is best to know house rules in advance.

      Given that I am commenting under my real name, please do not perceive this as an endorsement of dental drama. I see the post and prior reader’s comment presenting more of a logistics and logic puzzle.

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