Back in her high school days, my slave dated a guy (I’ll call him CB).  She didn’t date him for very long and they didn’t get any more intimate than kissing.  A few months ago we saw him and his girlfriend at a bar.  I thought his girl was cute, so I told my slave to hit him up on Facebook and do a little flirting, as well as some poking around to see if they’d be interested in some naughty good times.  Unfortunately, they broke up not long after she contacted him.

She was having fun and she confided to me that she would like to have sex with CB.  I gave her permission to continue flirting and set something up.  I don’t know a recently-single guy on earth who would turn down sex.  A little back story about my slave is that from the very beginning of our relationship, she has said she’s not a “marathon” girl.  She enjoys sex for a reasonable amount of time and she’s done after one session.  That works out, because I’m not into multiple sessions or all nighters either.  Back to the story.  She was honest with him about our relationship and the fact that she was looking for sex and absolutely nothing more.

After a few emails, it was all set up for her to go to his place one night.  She said, “If it’s bad sex, at least it’s just a one time thing.”  Long story short, she was there for 4 1/2 hours getting some great sex, so I was sure he’d take her up on the offer of being a regular booty call.  Most guys would be jealous or horrified.  I was actually happy for her.  When I loan her to someone, it’s not for their pleasure.  It’s for MY pleasure and I get pleasure from knowing she’s having a good time.  I actually want her to have great sex.  When we first met, I told her not to hold back when she’s with someone else while I’m watching.  I would never say, “Gee, she doesn’t make THAT face when she’s with me.”  I say have a good time and I want to know if that dude is rocking your world!

I’ve allowed her to continue seeing CB as a booty call and she averages 3 hours every time they meet.  They usually fuck 3 or 4 times in that time frame.  I guess she is a marathon girl if the dick is good.  Tonight, I had a meeting at a restaurant and she had a meeting in CB’s bedroom.  As I’m sitting around the table with 7 other people, my phone starts letting me know that I have a text message or four.  I pick it up to find a few pictures from her.  One of his cock buried inside her, one of her face in the midst of ecstasy, one of the wet spot she left on his sheets, and one of her lovely face covered in his cum.  Hot damn tamale!  The pics were so hot that it’s a good thing there was a table there to hide my “excitement”.


The Wet Spot

She’s been insatiable lately and she’s convinced that it has something to do with turning 30.  Maybe the stories about women hitting their sexual peak in their 30’s are true.  Whatever the reason, I’m definitely enjoying the sluttier-than-usual behavior and I hope it doesn’t ever subside.


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