The Sticker

I first saw this image on Instagram.  It’s a male figure holding a leash that leads to a female figure kneeling beside him.  I showed it to my slave and she loved it.  “Wouldn’t that make a cool sticker for my car, Daddy?”, she said.  She calls me Daddy.  No, she’s not a little (I’ll explain what a little is in a different post) and no we don’t role play father/daughter scenes.  As a matter of fact, we don’t role play at all, but that’s also a subject for a different post.  I agreed with her and the next weekend I went to a local mall and had a white, laser-cut sticker made.  Here’s a side-by-side image of the graphic and the sticker I had made.

The sticker

The sticker

I made one for each of our cars, but I only put it on her car.  I’m in the middle of changing careers and my personal life could be detrimental to my career, so I decided to leave my car sticker-free.  The sticker rode around on her rear windshield for a few months with no noticeable fanfare except for a raised eyebrow from her parents.  We’re both “out” to our families, but they know just enough to understand that we’re deviants and we like it that way.  Just like vanilla people don’t generally get into the minutiae of their sexcapades with mom and dad, I don’t slap her dad on the back and tell him how I beat his daughter bloody before spitting in her face in a dungeon while 40 people watched.

Then, last week, we walked up to her car in a parking lot and someone had written on her dirty window with their finger right next to the sticker with an arrow pointing to it.  It said, “Your a dick”.  My first thought was, “it’s ‘You’re’, not ‘Your’ you dumb ass”.  Then I started thinking about what went through the dirt-fingered author’s mind.  Did they assume that this car belonged to some misogynistic man?  Was the scribe a man attempting to be noble or a woman that was asserting her view of feminism?  Did the perpetrator actually graduate high school without knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re” or were they possibly a world renowned windshield writing wunderkind?

A former slave of mine was very much into feminism and her mom was a feminism activist in the 60’s and 70’s.  She was constantly accosted by other feminists that said she wasn’t a feminist because she was a slave and submitted to a man.  I like her explanation.  She said that the work her mother and other people did, paved the way for her.  The proof that feminism has progressed is evidenced by the fact that she isn’t forced to submit to a man.  Feminism has made it so that she can make the choice to submit.

I hope that, some day soon, people will understand that the life my slave and I live is consensual.  We both made a choice.  She wasn’t forced into this.  She chooses to submit.  She doesn’t need to be saved.


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